Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two weeks to go for ODTUG

ODTUG Kaleidoscoop 2009 is approaching soon. I'll be hosting two presentations.
  1. Fat Databases: a Layered Approach
    This will basically be the Helsinki Declaration talk, only crammed into just one hour. I'll probably skip the four observations and go straight to the WoD application and its code classification (DL, BL and UI-code). And close with a short demo by building a page (with Apex of course) the Helsinki way.
    The talk will be on wednesday morning 8AM! So you'll need to get up early if you want to join. It's in the Regency Ballroom I (sounds like a big room...).
  2. Semantic Query Optimization
    I've been giving this talk for a few times now. The first time was at Hotsos 2008. Semantic query optimization is about using integrity constraints in the optimization phase that generates the execution plan. A few years ago I investigated the capabilities of Oracle's optimizer (10G and 11G) in this area. The talk summarizes this investigation and draws a few conclusions.
    This talk will be right after my other talk at 9.15AM in the same location: Regency Ballroom I. So you can just remain seated and be entertained by me during two consecutive slots.
Hope to see you there!


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